We are doing business with the largest companies in this country.

It’s the first time I write on my personal blog about the company I work at. Taboola.

Probably a year and a half ago, I remember a board meeting where we decided to go after the high end of the market, the tier1 sites.

If you’ve ever done sells, business development or marketing you know that in most companies and cases, products are usually been sold from the bottom, growing up. “The giants” usually don’t act as early adapters but rather let a product emerge for some time, make some mistakes in the market – and then if it can bring value they’ll try it out. On top of it, not only does your product need to get the attention of the big guys, it also needs to convince them that it is better than competitive offering.

This is the way things are happening as — there are only few giants out there — and many of you.

A year and a half after, we left our competitors behind and we’re doing business with the largest companies in this country including mega sites such as CNN, The NYTimes, Bloomberg, Slate to mega networks such as Demand Media and more.

I want to say with confidence that we’re at the scale today that if you’re a website with videos and you’re not using our technology on your site — you’re losing money every day and you are compromising your very own users’ experience.

Good validation for that bold statement may be that just recently The NYTimes publicly announced that Taboola almost tripled their CTR, having people watch much more videos on their site.

It’s not easy, we work really hard and we have many challenges ahead of us.  But this makes me happy:  on a Saturday morning, just like now, when I wake up to get my coffee and the news — almost any news site I’m going to on the web offers me few videos I personally would like to watch next through a company I work at. “Powered by Taboola”.

And this is just the beginning. We’re soon to announce the biggest thing we’ve done so far so there is a lot of exciting things coming up. Good luck to us, and may we keep helping people around the world discover videos they like (a la “may the schwartz be with you”).

We’re doing business with the larges companies in the country. I’m happy and proud of all Taboola employees that did something not many people can say the did.

They made a difference, and products they’ve worked so hard to build currently reach meaningful amount of the population in the united states.

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