You are likely to fail. But why thinking big worth your while. Moments.

Life. Isn’t it nice.

So evolving, changing, dynamic.

People, jobs, relationships, apartments, places, routines.


Who do you want to be when you grow up? Financier, business man, entertainer, lawyer, marketer, lover, husband, friend, entrepreneur, athlete, large, small, tall, hair, gel, plain, rocks, shy, blunt, maker, builder, follower, in-between-er, west-village-er, upper-west-er, jersey-er, teacher, leader.

Who are you today. Who do you want to be.

Questions. Thoughts. People. Messages. Decisions.

Let me tell you what’s wanting to be big in my humble opinion means.

Change. If you can make a change, you’re big. If people are not the same because of you, or your products, you’ve made it big.

You can make money and be small.

You can date a model and be small.

You can work at the coolest brand and be small.

You can be the son of a god and be small.

You can be funny and be small.

You can think you’re big and be small.

Build to change. Be big.

You are likely to fail because at least statistically so many people before you have failed. Still, you should try really hard. Why? Change and the moments you’ll collect while trying.

Have you ever dated a lady and you thought, she is amazing, but … there was a but?. This is it. It was great, but not unreal, amazing but not unrepeatable, so pretty but not unique, ridiculously-sexy but not a whole more than that, loyal but not only to you. So it was safe, nice, good but not “game changer”. It’s almost like working for Microsoft. They will always take you back after you’ve tried your thing, and possibly failed. Try. Build. Change. You can always go back to “safe”, whatever that may mean to you. You is the person reading this post right now.

You are likely to fail. However, the feeling of building, fighting, visioning and changing is not something you can read about, hear about or even do yourself unless you’re really sacrificing something that’s important to you. You. The moments you’ll collect are priceless.

Essentially, this is why I think it worth trying.

Build, change and enjoy them. Moments.

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