I’m now a TechStars mentor. Contently.com founder took 30 minutes of my time and convinced me he is changing the world.

Being in NY has something you don’t have or see when you live outside of NY. Everybody is so utter busy all the time. It’s a part of walking the big apple experience, you can just feel it. “go go go”.

I personally start every day at 6am, I’m at the office at 7:30am, and I later open my West Village apartment doors around 8:30pm to check emails on the sofa with a nice cigar. If I had to guess I would say that I’m not even coming close in terms of hours-per-day compared to bankers working in my building. 15-17 hours a day is not a big deal if you’re a NYker, and if you work less than that you must be either already very wealthy or very poor.

There is one thing that you have to be able to do.

Manage your time.

Who gets your phone time, who gets your face time, will you go to the gym (I don’t), will you meet your spouse for dinner, who cooks it?, family, friends, dog, and the list goes on. You just don’t have time.

Saying that, there is another big thing that represents NY city. Collaboration at the highest level. While people are extremely busy, people help each other, make introductions, invest their time, their money if they have it, share their mistakes, meetups, wix lounges, you name it. Mind you, this is on top of everybody’s utter busy day (again, if they are not very wealthy or very poor).

I was fortunate to spend some time with Adam Rothenberg, and David Tisch, founders of TechStars thanks to an intro by a good friend here in the city Amit Avner (founder/ceo at Taykey.com). If you didn’t hear of Techstars and the lineup of great companies working there you must be living in a box in the past year. Adam and David introduced me to a few companies, all were extremely great, big passion and dedication that just charges you up. Kudos to all Techstars companies.

It started when I showed the list of companies to my girlfriend, as we all know who wears the pants in this house — and I asked her – “so what do you think”. She pointed at this one company saying – “wow, seems really cool. And I like their logo a lot”.

And then came Contently.com.

Monday 1:05pm, I set down with founder Joe Coleman. He gave me his pitch, very direct, confident, detailed, and passionate. In a line – Contently is changing the way premium content gets written by top notch writers — and — distributed back into websites blogs, and sites. Think GettyImages for top content but better.

I won’t say more at this point, and you can check their site for whatever the folks at Contently are willing to say at this point. However, I will say that Joe doesn’t make the impression he and his team need a lot of help to get this company to rock, definitely not my help. However, I was fortunate to be invited by Joe to be their TechStars mentor. Joe, thanks.

I know nothing about writing, but I know a lot about distribution and sponsoring of content (cc @taboola) we do that more than quarter billion times a day around the web. I hope I can help and bring some of my humble experience into the company and the founders, and at the end of the day as Miygal told Daniel (Karate Kid, 1984) – “No such thing as bad student, only bad teacher. Teacher say, student do”.

Good luck Contently in the upcoming DEMO day, I will do everything I can on my little end to help you rock ☺

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