TeeMeW helps you do what you are afraid of doing. Reach out.

One of the things that gets me to know an app is a good one is when it gets me to talk to people about it for 10-20 minutes ‘just because’.

TeeMeW got @victoriamonsul and I there. We actually disagreed, and here is the story.

It started when we talked about cheekd.com (founder Lori Cheekd is even a neighbor of ours in NY), a service that helps you reach out to someone you don’t know and hand them a card with a pre-generated random number so they can reach out to you afterwards online. Nice, and Lori got covered on the NYTimes and other cool publications for her venture.

TeeMew can do that, but potentially even better.

No need to physically ‘reach out’ and hand anything to anyone.

I could be sitting on a subway, on a bus, in a conference, in a bar, or just walking the streets, and get a nice indication of who is around me, what they are doing in life, and if it makes sense for us to connect. Socially or professionally.

Granted, I’m not sure how it would work in the sense that I think everybody around me would need to have the app installed, so that would be an interesting challenge to cross for the founders at TeeMeW, but aside from that – very cool.

Reaching out to strangers can be awkward, and TeeMeW just might be the eHarmony of offline.

Good luck to the folks at TeeMeW, and good luck crossing those barriers having people installing the app, and TeeMeW-alizing with each other.

Their video has the coolness of Angry birds kind of thing, so here goes. Enjoy, and feel free to comment below if you’ve used anyone of these services.

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