Macintosh = iGirlfriend (video)

Yesterday, my Mac Hard Drive dropped dead. Totally (0 working kb).

Much like the most amazing girlfriend you have been dating for years, and you forgot how amazing she is until the day she took a pause from you. That’s what happened to me. My Mac took a pause. Serious one.

I wasn’t prepared

I wasn’t ready

I didn’t plan this

What is this, what computer just (1) drops dead or (2) won’t give you some descent time to prepare. At least a parting-way-girlfriend start acting funny. She’ll come late on work days, she’ll get up before you do every morning to go to work, less loving text messages during the day. I mean, you can tell. She is pausing. Why couldn’t my Mac do the same? Why couldn’t he get warm, make some noises, boot slowly, crash occasionally. Something.

I went to the Genius Bar (which is genius btw) – and I told the guy “listen, it’s bad”. He asked me “how bad?”. I just gave him a look. He knew. It was bad.

We both looked at the gray screen while we booted my Mac. Nothing came up. We tried to run a diagnosis on the HD, nothing. Zero working bytes. Did you ever witness a HD that was totally 100% malfunctioned? I mean – after so many years, nothing left for us to share. sad.

Then the big question.

Should you fix the relationship, or start a new one (the guy at the Genius Bar asked). Or in his more accurate words – “do you want a new HD, or just a new Mac?”.

At that point, if you ever watched Lost, and liked Jack Shephard, or if you just know me — so you already know what I told him. I’m a “fixer”. I make things work, and then I improve them. I hate to lose, and I love to fix, improve, and win.

By tomorrow 9am I’ll have a new HD. New. “fixed ya”. iGirlfriend.

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