How I made my mom’s famous Moroccan Fish

Hello there. Living in Manhattan has many pluses. One thing I love is the access you have to amazing restaurants. It can be very costly to be here, but if you’re ok with spending an extra dollar you can get food that’s extra yummy.

One minus in living in Manhattan is being away from your home family cooking.

My mom who was born in Marocco and moved to Israel at the age of 3 was able to grab some of the Moroccan kitchen techniques, and growing up she was constantly surprising us  here and there with her most famous spicy, Moroccan Fish.

Yesterday, 8 friends came to my apartment, and I decided to go entrepreneur on my kitchen, and give it a try myself. It was delicious, and I felt obligated to tell the world how I did it (if you came here yesterday, and you want to say it wasn’t that good, comment away ! 🙂

Here it goes:

Things you need to buy, I bought it all at the Westside Market:


— Hollywood/Bass fish (i used Hollywood yesterday, it was good) The fish needs to be without head and without bones, and preferably without the skin. When you buy the fish, you can ask them to cut it to as many slices as you need based on your guests (for instance, i bought 8 pieces yesterday)

— Pickled lemon, or pickled lime – it comes in a jar

— Cilantro (full package)

— Salt

— Red paprika

— Olive oil

— Wide slightly deep pan (deep enough to leave room for the sauce)

— Garlic (as many cloves as your guests)

— Black pepper

Now, how to actually make it

(1) Brush the slices of fish with the pickled lime, place them on the pan, and wait for 60 minutes (you’re going to keep using the pan until it’s done)

(2) Cut the entire cilantro, and the garlic into slices and slate it on top of the fish so you barely see the fish

(3) In a separate bawl (like cereal bawl), pour the paprika, olive oil, salt and black pepper and mix it up – as you’re done with it — pour it on top of the cilantro/garlic on top of the fish. Everything should be rather red at this point. If the dose was not enough, create another dose of the red-sauce, and keep pouring it (give it a lot of love !)


(4) cook for about 40minutes – 60minutes based on how it looks on very low fire


Et walla ! It is best served  with Challah bread



Special thanks so my mother !



Last.FM – Jazz Music

Justin Monsul – Sous-chef

Victoria Monsul – love, Chocolate cake and love

Galo – for helping me buy myself a birthday present 🙂

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