What if Apple-Glass is a Reverse Version of Google-Glass?

Recently I’ve been finding myself talking in meetings about “An Application Economy” whereby the future of TV may be driven by people broadcasting application and information from their iPhone into their TV’s.

If that has any merit, then people who get meaningful distribution on our future phone-screen may become the future victors of our TV screen.

I then started thinking it would be rather great if our phone could broadcast itself to any type of screen, not only TV, perhaps there is some new Apple ISO broadcasting protocol for glass manufacturers in 2020, which says that any glass supporting this ISO can receive Apple Broadcast from any iPhone. As if that manufactured glass had Apple-TV pre-integrated into it. Wouldn’t that be cool?

Let’s think of some examples to such glasses where it would be super cool to broadcast our iPhone into and run an App: our window. Instead of buying a big screen TV we broadcast Netflix into our window and watch it there, it can be any window, at our house, when we travel at a hotel room, at a friend’s house; let’s take another example – at our car, we broadcast Waze into the car screen and can finally navigate with a proper navigation system and not with something that was pre-installed and last updated with maps from 2012, at work, we continue an email we started on our iPhone in a cab on our desk screen using the same email App, or even at an airport clothing store’s fitting room mirror – we broadcast Tripit to check our flight status while trying a shirt.

Then I thought, what if Apple went even further and didn’t count on ISO protocol to make the glass support its broadcasting, and integrated some sort of projector into the iPhone itself, or perhaps sold it separately as something we put on our shirt, our glass (wink @Google), or something like that. At that point, anywhere we go we can broadcast an App at whatever is in front of us.

Holding a piece of paper, and broadcasting Candy-Crush into it to kill some time while waiting for the doctor, or being at your friends house and broadcasting YouTube unto the wall to watch some movies, etc.

So what if Google-Glass, who’s vision is bringing the physical world into the digital world, is completely wrong, and the direction is the opposite. What if the future direction is bringing the digital world into the physical world, wherever we are.

Introducing “Apple-Glass” – a combination of ISO broadcasting protocol to any glass supporting it with a projector broadcasting our phone into anything.

Enjoy the video 🙂

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