My Dad. Me. TEDx. 12 Minutes

TEdxMy dad, besides being a great dad, is also a killer guitar player, who started out in the south of Tel-Aviv 30 years ago, and since then played along the likes of, Sir George Martin from the Beatles, Eric Clapton’s drummer, Sex and the City, Sopranos and others. My dad, being my dad – he “did it all” carrying a big smile, in a humble fashion.


Two months ago, my dad and I were fortunate to be invited to speak at TEDx. We started working with executive producer, Osher Assouline, on the talk where the topic was The Hero’s Journey. I began our talk with a comparison between the journey of technology to that of music, and there we would transition the talk into our musical debut together on stage, performing a (re)arrangement of songs, that would tell the Hero’s Journey through 3 different heros.

We were lined up to go last. It was a Friday, my dad landed at noon, arrived at my apartment around 2pm, we met 2 great journalists from Israeli-Channel 2 (see article in hebrew) and at 5pm we were live rocking & rolling at TEDx Lower East Side.


I’ve embedded the video, and the script of the talk if you’d like to read/watch. Hope you enjoy.


My dad. Me. TEDx. 12 minutes.

Talk script – The Hero’s Journey 

Really excited to be here today


I just picked up my dad from the airport.


But before I tell you about my dad and I and the reason we’re here, I’d like to take a moment to talk about the reason why all-of-us are here.


We all share a sense of curiosity, an appreciation for ideas worth spreading. That’s what TED stands for. And that’s why we’re both so excited to be on this stage.


The other reason we’re even more excited is that it’s the first time I’m on stage with my father. My dad has been on stage my whole life, almost his whole life.


I grew up watching my dad building himself up to become the world renown guitar player that he is.


I started a company which now serves 100M people very day.


Funny enough, everything I needed to know in order to run a successful tech company I learned watching my dad building his own music career. Only very recently, I’ve learned these lessons have a name. It’s called The Hero’s Journey.


The Hero’s Journey is a paradigm, a blueprint of all journeys worth taking


For me, the main lesson of the hero’s journey is the importance of the actual journey.


What you going to watch is a video/audio composition, highlighting a 12 step journey of 3 very different heroes.


As you watch this, I hope it will help you to discovery:

– That all heroes got scared at one point as they faced their “Call To Adventure”

– And all heroes needed a mentor, perhaps it’s time for you to seek one or become one

– And lastly, that the only true reward is making an impact in the lift of others

These lessons have changed both our lives. We hope they can impact yours.



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