Jeremy Fisher – Wanders, And I’m On Board.

So I can’t talk too much about what is Wander or OnWander, a Techstars company. Techstars has an amazing list of companies and David Tisch makes sure Techstars Mentors are not confused and realize they ought to help everybody but “work” with only one company.

I was fortunate to be invited to get more involved with Jeremy Fisher’s company, Wander, as they are walking their journey into the Techstars launch. I’m a big believer in mentorship and I’m excited to contribute as much as I can to Jeremy and the team. Very exciting stuff they are working on over there.


So it’s hard for me to blog about Wander without being able to share my thoughts but Jeremy and his team are still building and this is all still stealth. They got some great write-ups on Wired and others but overall aside from being curious you (you = reading this post) probably have no idea what Wander does. And that’s ok. At best, the founding team at this point want us all to register on their site with passion and wonder about what it is that we can do with Wander.


I can just tell you, after looking under the hood, and spending some quality time with Jeremy – we should expect big things. I think it’s exciting to the point you won’t miss out on trying it out, and it’s exciting to the point you’ll ask your friends if they are using it as well. It’s also exciting enough to the point I think you will check it out few times a day and it addresses massive market of users, all of us.


So I recommend you get your name register on Wander fast. It might get crowded, and whatever goes, whether it goes perfectly smooth, or if it will entail some bumps along the way (which is totally fine) the team behind Wander is ready to fire, and ready to adjust as needed.


At the end of the day, the product is number 10 on the list; right after the founders, and right after the employees, and right after luck, and right after timing, and others. If you disagree, I have to think you have never really launched a product from scratch to know the amount of times a product morphs. A product’s chance to reach maturity is mainly dependent on the foundation behind it to begin with. The actual product, that’s number 10 on the list.


Wander has a great product, and even more importantly — a strong founding team. #1 on the list.

Go Wander.


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