Have Yourself A Gold Sin. Work Hard, and Play Even Harder.

I like numbers. There is something deterministic and final about numbers; they say what they say and the mean what the mean. Not a lot of day2day “gray area” to manipulate and not a lot of options to be discussed.

Something equals something.

If you watched HBO’s The Wire season 4, or if you ever waited for a promotion competing on it with others, or if you ever were an officer in the army asking for a resource, or if you’ve defended an argument – you know that our world, yours and mine, is well blended with good amount of politics, and “gray area”.


What does it mean? Unfortunately it means that at times, you would need to work even-harder to crack through the BS and get your point across, potentially be provocative, criticize those who are not often criticized, put people on the spot, make mistakes, maybe big ones, and say “guys, I think I’ve made a big mistake”… you’ll shake & shake that gray area off your surrounding so you can make your point and win. While it might sound like a one time act that you need to do, it’s not – it’s really a journey you’ll walk while building your identity. A lot of hard and dedicated work on your way to whatever it is that you’re trying to achieve.


Overall, if you do have a goal, I hope for you (you, reading this post now) that

your journey will entail a ton of exciting hard work, and that you’ll actually be too busy to remember the last time you watched an episode of TheWire. Working passionately hard is something that lucky people get to do. When you work so hard, you stand better chance to crack through the gray, adhering your target, and — “Command and Conquer”.


Red Alert. So what’s left other than just hard work?


Little, few, short, almost non-existence, near evaporation list …of incredible, incredible moments. If you’re up for the path I suggest here of destroying the gray through working (really) passionately hard, then you must know to be able to do exact opposite, pause and have insane amount of fun. You won’t have weeks to do it, and sometime not even a day. It could be an evening, or a bus ride worth of time, but it will be so amazing you’ll detach. You’ll disengage, you’ll take what you earned and invest it in whatever it is that make (only) you say “wow”.


Play hard is really important, and you should consider surrounding yourself with people that allow you to do it. When you come back to your “passionate work”, the gray might be less gray as this time you’ll be wearing a “passionate-smile”, ready for a good push.


Life is not an equation. Things don’t always mean what you think they mean. If you’re lucky, you are reading this and you’re too busy to finish this post, but while you got ton of stuff to do, you’ll take a moment soon and do whatever it is that make you feel “wow”.


Enjoy it, and have yourself A Gold Sin !

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