1 out of every 4 people walking the street sees Taboola at least once a month

According to Quantcast, a 3rd party company that tracks companies like Wikipedia, Twitter and Amazon – Taboola shows its recommendations to 74M people in the US every month.

By quick calculations it means that about ¼ of the country comes across a “Related Content” widget that is powered by Taboola at least once a month. I’m sure you’ve seen us if you ever visited sites like Bloomberg, The NYTimes, CNN, MensHealth, Ynet in Israel, USAToday and many others.


One of my board members has “a thing” where every time we meet in NY and I try to get him to buy me lunch, wine and potentially a cigar — he tells me that the first thing he wants me to tell him is why I’m super excited today to be apart of Taboola, and why I think he made a good investment.


Today this is it.


After 4 years and change, I cannot be more excited about the Discovery and Distribution space. I’m convinced that People don’t know what they want to do next. That’s why when your lady sends you to get milk from D’Agostino you come back home with Bread, Yogurt, Olives and Humus. You didn’t really got out of the house to buy Hummus, but while you were there – you felt like it might make sense to grab it.


That’s us Taboolars but for content. More than 120M people around the world land on our clients pages on a monthly basis without an intent to consume specific content, so we help them by offering them 3-4 personalized recommendations they might like. And we do it really well.


We help people discover they might want to buy Hummus (smily face).


Taboola. Because we recommend.


P.s: nice read about Taboola’s recent growth you might like on CNNMoney . Great job Taboolars !


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