CEO says: “Your wife is more important than your top investors”

This morning I had a breakfast with a friend of mine who is the founder & ceo of a very exciting consumer facing company. He is french, jewish and lives in NY – the good combination.

We started with high-level updates / questions that happen in meetings of that nature.

How much time is your business being around, how many employees, how is the revenue, how much money did you raise so far, what’s next, etc.

You know – the usual CEO conversations.

Aside from the fact that this guy is young, running an amazing company, and has this humble tone that is a major asset when you’re in the midst of all this CEO-ing, he then said something that seriously caught my attention.

He explained to me why in this crazy life that he is living, with so much uncertainty, the main reason he could start this business, and then keep his sanity his not his investors, not his co-founders, not his top employees, not his friends, not his advisory-board, not his mother or father, not his siblings, not online-material, not lectures, not his professor from school.

His wife.

“My wife is more important than my top investors” he says.

He tells me that much like soccer players, the president, or any leader of anything – if you don’t have an intense support system at home you’re toasted. Why?  Because when you’re drained, pitching to investors, selling to customers, twitting to marketers, recruiting executives, helping to solve bottle-necks, product-ing – and then going home, you better see a big, fat, nice, supportive, happy, honest — smile. That’s it.

A smile, suggesting “everything is just alright”.

He then added – if you’re not with a supportive girlfriend or wife, your likelyhood to succeed as an enterpernuer is slimmer.

I asked him if I can blog about it, and he said “yes”. So here it is !

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