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Not many people know this, but Zara is a very unique fashion company compared to other mega fashion brands. Instead of focusing on inventing the next clothing item people want to buy , Zara built an advanced technology that can bias or push their entire clothing line production in blazing speed to meet what  real customers are actually buying across the stores. As Harvard published as case study, “This “fast fashion” system depends on a constant exchange of information throughout every part of Zara’s supply chain”  (

The fashion retailer has become one of the more successful fashion companies in the world – based on their unique way of manufacturing and distributing their clothes. As opposed to most fashion companies, Zara never manufactures lines of clothing and hope that the market will like it. Instead, they have highly efficient method for tracking what the market wants to buy, getting it into their factory, biasing their line of production accordingly, and distributing back to the stores.  This behavior/technology differentiates them, as they’re able to meet their marketers’ needs rather than promoting fashion innovations.   The combination of their biasing-technology with the real-world market, based on what is highly sold is truly fascinating and is one of the hallmarks of their success.

So, what does Zara’s methods have to do with online video and discovery technologies, and what can you learn from it?

The reality is that video sites share similar needs, and that is the ability to not only create content users want to watch, but ideally to be able to bias users towards the content that is attractive to advertisers and has high demand. The reality is that there is no real scalable solution in place just yet and it’s really hard to do. When such solutions are in place, the effect can be massively profitable for publishers as it was for Zara, and highly effective for advertisers who buy video inventory–the supply will be closer to the demand for specific types of premium content / verticals.

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