I miss my kids. Skype helps. Isn’t it amazing. Victory

I’m a geek. It mainly means that I love technology, and it gets me excited.

Life is more interesting if you know how to use technology.

In many ways, technology is like a really good radio song. You never notice it’s there until you do. And when you do, you suddenly start hearing it all over the place, at work, in your car, on your Pandora. It’s there.

Technology is similar. As soon as it’s surfaced, you’re using it. oh yea.

I travel. A lot. In the country, internationally, at times I used to really get personal with my sit at the plane. The tray, the movie I’d like to see in advance, no blackberry, again, no blackberry, sleeping a bit, waking up into a random time and place, a little window, and a person I don’t know next to me, my notebook, and a lot of things I’d like to accomplish on my 3.5h battery @ mac. I’ve done it so much, I’ve grown to like it. so for me. Traveling is good.

The main disadvantage with traveling is the things you leave behind. For me, it can be really the little things. Netflix/pandora doesn’t work internationally, comfort of Westside market, the river, my big screen iMac, manhattan roof deck with my mac at midnight crunching emails, weekends with a good coffee in the neighborhood. I miss those when I’m gone. On top of it all, I really miss my kids. They are adorable. My anchor. My family. Me.

That’s where technology comes in. I’m happy I’m a geek. I am. i think I can enjoy more. I do because I know “more songs at the radio to sing with when I’m driving” (wink). So if you’re a geek, you know more about technology, and you can use it more. This is simple, and I don’t think I introduce you to anything you don’t know already.

So Skype.

It’s really great. Mainly because I can talk to my kids. When I go to israel, for me it’s morning, and my kids is bed-time, I can say “good night” over video chat. And when I go to bed, it’s their afternoon, they are home and we can talk again. Funny enough, we see each other more when I’m away. Thanks to skype. Victory.

Thanks skype.

I really love technology. so truth be told –  I don’t really have kids. Not yet. I use technology for other “family-ish” reasons. From my family I catch up with, to the lady I date.

So I’m a geek, and I travel a lot. Skype is great. It helps me keep in touch with the people I care about, and more often than not, I’ll “see” them more than I could be, being next to them. “It is what it is”. Little Victories.

Technology. It’s beautiful. Like a song you never knew existed, and then, as it was surfaced into your life, you started picking up on it everywhere you go

No kids. yet. Technology. It’s great. Skype. Thanks

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